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How to convert XLSX to DBF?

You can convert XLSX files to DBF format in several ways. The most proven option is to download dedicated software that allows you to convert between the XLSX and DBF formats. At the bottom you will find a list of software programs that support XLSX and DBF files and can also save them in new file formats.

XLSX File Type

.XLSX is a file extension of Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet. XLSX stands for "Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet". Users of Microsoft Excel can open the files by clicking on the "Open" button in the toolbar and selecting it from the list of file extensions that they have installed. This is a text-based spreadsheet application but there are some differences between XLS and XLSX files. For instance, an XLS file will not have any security while an XLSX file will be password protected.

Full Name Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
Developer Microsoft
Category Spreadsheet Files

DBF File Type

Database File DBF stands for DataBaseFile. DBF files are database files that use a tab-delimited text format. DBF stands for Database File and is a tab-delimited text format that is often used to save data from spreadsheets, statistical packages, and other database programs to a file.

Full Name Database Format
Developer dBASE
Category Database Files

Software, that convert XLSX files

The list contains a list of dedicated software for converting XLSX and DBF files. The list may also include programs that support XLSX files and allow you to save them with different file extensions.

XLSX to DBF Converters

  • Apache OpenOffice Calc (OpenOffice.org Calc) iconApache OpenOffice Calc (OpenOffice.org Calc)
  • Corel Quattro Pro iconCorel Quattro Pro
  • DBF Manager iconDBF Manager
  • Full Convert Enterprise iconFull Convert Enterprise
  • LibreOffice Calc iconLibreOffice Calc
  • NeoOffice iconNeoOffice
  • PlanMaker iconPlanMaker
  • 7 XLSX to DBF converters

XLSX and DBF conversions