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How to convert SABS to FLAC?

You can convert SABS files to FLAC format in several ways. The most proven option is to download dedicated software that allows you to convert between the SABS and FLAC formats. At the bottom you will find a list of software programs that support SABS and FLAC files and can also save them in new file formats.

SABS File Type

Full Name Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
Developer Activision
Category Game Files

FLAC File Type

FLAC, acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a compressed audio format that allows uncompressed audio quality to be reduced without introducing any information loss. FLAC is a compressed audio format that can reduce the size of uncompressed audio files and preserve the same high level of sound quality. It uses lossless compression which means it does not remove any part of the data from your original sound file, so you can never lose data in your original file. FLAC was designed by Josh Coalson to be an open source and unpatented alternative to other popular compressed formats such as MP3. FLAC has become one of the most popular formats for music distribution among audiophiles and those wishing to archive old recordings or create digital copies of their albums for personal use.

Full Name Free Lossless Audio Codec Format
Developer N/A
Category Audio Files

Software, that convert SABS files

The list contains a list of dedicated software for converting SABS and FLAC files. The list may also include programs that support SABS files and allow you to save them with different file extensions.

SABS to FLAC Converters

  • Black Ops II Audio Dumper iconBlack Ops II Audio Dumper
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