PYC file converter How to convert PYC file?

What is PYC file?

The Python Compiled File (Pyc) is a file extension for files that can be processed and compiled by the Python language. It was introduced in version 2.5 of the Python 2.x series, and provides a way to easily generate functional code from existing data structures and modules.

PYC Format details

Full Name Python Compiled Format
Developer N/A
Category Executable Files

Software, that convert PYC files

The easiest way to convert a PYC file is to save it in a different file format using dedicated software. Below you will find a list of software programs that can handle PYC files. Open your PYC file with one of them and save in another file format.

PYC Converters

  • Foundation Python iconFoundation Python
  • Python iconPython
  • Jabbim iconJabbim
  • 5 PYC converters

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