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How to convert TAR to RAR?

You can convert TAR files to RAR format in several ways. The most proven option is to download dedicated software that allows you to convert between the TAR and RAR formats. At the bottom you will find a list of software programs that support TAR and RAR files and can also save them in new file formats.

TAR File Type

Tar is a file compression program, typically used for backup and archiving purposes. It is the default format for GNU tar and derivatives such as pax, which means that you can combine multiple files into a single file using the command: tar cvfz archive.tar . The TAR file extension stands for "TAR Files." TAR files are used to compress collections of files into a single zip-like archive.

Full Name Consolidated Unix Format Archive
Developer Jean-loup Gailly
Category Data Files

RAR File Type

WinRAR is a proprietary archiving utility for Windows. It offers a variety of compression formats, including RAR and ZIP. The RAR file extension is used for the data files created by WinRAR. These files are compressed archives of multiple files for easier storage or transmission of large quantities of information. As of today, WinRAR is the most popular archive utility with over 70% market share on Windows platform. It’s also available for Mac OS X and Linux.

Full Name WinRAR Compressed Archive
Developer Eugene Roshal
Category Compressed Files

Software, that convert TAR files

The list contains a list of dedicated software for converting TAR and RAR files. The list may also include programs that support TAR files and allow you to save them with different file extensions.

TAR to RAR Converters

  • 7-zip
  • ALZip
  • EZ7z for Mac
  • FilZip
  • sArchiver
  • WinRAR
  • 6 TAR to RAR converters

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