VDJSAMPLE file converter How to convert VDJSAMPLE file?

What is VDJSAMPLE file?

VirtualDJ is a software that creates music from audio input. The VDJSAMPLE file extension is the audio sample format used within VirtualDJ. An individual file can contain a total of 7,200 samples or about 1 hour and 15 minutes of music. The file extension also provides information on where the sound was captured.

VDJSAMPLE Format details

Full Name VirtualDJ Audio Sample Format
Category Audio Files

Software, that convert VDJSAMPLE files

The easiest way to convert a VDJSAMPLE file is to save it in a different file format using dedicated software. Below you will find a list of software programs that can handle VDJSAMPLE files. Open your VDJSAMPLE file with one of them and save in another file format.

VDJSAMPLE Converters

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