EDI file converter How to convert EDI file?

What is EDI file?

EDI file extension is an electronic data interchange file used by businesses and organizations in order to manage and send electronic transactions information. An EDI file is a collection of information about a particular transaction. The contents include the company name, contact, description, date and time of transaction, pricing information, and other business data. This type of file can be opened in Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Word. EDI files are so important to companies that they have different forms for different purposes. They have different extensions depending on the purpose of their use - for example .EDIF2 contains financial transaction details while .EDIF3 has marketing details attached to it.

EDI Format details

Full Name Electronic Data Interchange Format
Developer N/A
Category Data Files

Software, that convert EDI files

The easiest way to convert a EDI file is to save it in a different file format using dedicated software. Below you will find a list of software programs that can handle EDI files. Open your EDI file with one of them and save in another file format.

EDI Converters

  • Text editor iconText editor
  • Microsoft Excel iconMicrosoft Excel
  • Stylus Studio iconStylus Studio
  • EDI Manager iconEDI Manager
  • EDI Service iconEDI Service
  • EDI Engine iconEDI Engine
  • 6 EDI converters