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How to convert CAPX to CAP?

You can convert CAPX files to CAP format in several ways. The most proven option is to download dedicated software that allows you to convert between the CAPX and CAP formats. At the bottom you will find a list of software programs that support CAPX and CAP files and can also save them in new file formats.

CAPX File Type

The CAPX file extension is a type of compressed file that can be used to store information related to various modeling files. It contains an ordered list of objects and their transformations in a specific order. In the case of 3DS Max, for example, you can use this file type with the OBJ file extension to create and store assembly files. The CAPX format has been around since 1994 when it was first introduced by Micrografx Inc.

Full Name Construct Compressed Project Format
Developer Scirra
Category Developer Files

CAP File Type

CAP files are another type of packet capture file. These files are created by various network and packet monitoring tools. These files contain records of the captured packets and the corresponding time stamps. The CAP file extension is used for text or binary data that is commonly associated with a packet capture record.

Full Name Packet Capture Format
Developer N/A
Category Data Files

Software, that convert CAPX files

The list contains a list of dedicated software for converting CAPX and CAP files. The list may also include programs that support CAPX files and allow you to save them with different file extensions.

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