PUP file converter How to convert PUP file?

What is PUP file?

PUP files are update files for the PlayStation 3 system. It is a file extension for a zip containing an archive of multiple files and folders. The main purpose of these updates is to patch the system and fix errors that resulted from software or hardware changes. PUP file extension was introduced by Sony to patch and update their PlayStation 3 (PS3) system in 2005 and still commonly used in 2018. This is because it allows them to offer patches in a convenient manner that doesn't require users to spend time on updating each individual game, which would be excessively time-consuming. Although PUP is not supported by Microsoft Windows operating systems, some advanced users utilize this file extension on PCs by opening it with WinRAR application.

PUP Format details

Full Name PlayStation 3 Update Format
Developer Sony
Category Compressed Files

Software, that convert PUP files

The easiest way to convert a PUP file is to save it in a different file format using dedicated software. Below you will find a list of software programs that can handle PUP files. Open your PUP file with one of them and save in another file format.

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