CLPI file converter How to convert CLPI file?

What is CLPI file?

CLPI is a file format developed by Kinesis, which is thought to be able to serve as the file extension for the content that is generated using digital agencies. CLPI files are usually created when a company generates content for various topics or niches under different names. These can include things like business reports, white papers, ebooks, product brochures and so on. These files are expected to contain all kinds of information related to the topic or niche they belong to. All this content will be available online at no extra cost.

CLPI Format details

Full Name Blu-ray Clip Information Format
Developer Blu-ray Disc Association
Category Video Files

Software, that convert CLPI files

The easiest way to convert a CLPI file is to save it in a different file format using dedicated software. Below you will find a list of software programs that can handle CLPI files. Open your CLPI file with one of them and save in another file format.

CLPI Converters

  • VLC media player iconVLC media player
  • PowerDVD iconPowerDVD
  • Corel WinDVD iconCorel WinDVD
  • 5 CLPI converters